Our Process

Luxury Wedding Deals combines the ease of ordering online with the customization options of a design studio. Utilize our Design Portfolio, The Stationery Designer’s Kit, our Educational Resources, and the direct assistance of your dedicated Design Concierge, to design wedding invitation of your dreams from the comfort of your home!

Set up a Free Bridal Consultation with a Luxury Wedding Deals Design Concierge

Set up a Free Bridal Consultation with a Luxury Wedding Deals Design Concierge who can give you a run-down of the whole process, give you a tour of the website, and answer any and all questions you might have.

Browse our Design Portfolio and select the designs you like

Browse our Design Portfolio and select the designs you like. We suggest Pinning the designs you like to a Luxury Wedding Deals Pinterest Board, which you can then share with your designer. Your design will be custom made using these designs as sources of inspiration. We can also incorporate design elements from any other sources of inspiration you can provide us!

Order your Stationery Designer's Kit

Order your Stationery Designer’s Kit to see and feel exactly what you will be getting and experience our superior quality. The Stationery Designer’s Kit includes all of our paper stock options in multiple different thicknesses, as well as foil color options, ink color options. It also includes an assortment of accessory paper stock options that can be used for colored envelopes, envelope liners and a number of other embellishments.

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Use the Stationery Designer’s Kit in tandem with our Educational Resources and our Customization & Embellishments to determine your style and to discover which of the many options we offer speaks to you. This is also a great time to reach out again to your Design Concierge to brainstorm ideas, share your thoughts and ask questions about how to best achieve your vision.

Attend your complimentary bridal consultation

Now that you’re a stationery expert, you can take whichever of the following paths you prefer:

  • Reach out to your Design Concierge to fine tune your ideas. They will fine tune your project’s details with you and put together a quote for you. When you receive a quote from your Design Concierge, there will be a base price with a simpler version of your invitation, as well as a list of line items priced out individually based on your conversation. You will be able to pick and choose which line items you would like to proceed with.
  • Fill out our Online Quote Request Form, which will allow you to request pricing for pretty much any of our products and embellishments. A representative will review your request, pull a quotation together for you, and send it over to you as soon as possible. You will also receive a phone call to review the quotation to make sure everyone’s on the same page!

The physical tools you need to understand everything we offer, including print processes, paper stock options, color options and more.

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Select designs you like and we can combine elements, change colors, add text, add custom artwork and images, and more!

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Fonts, colored paper options, wax seals, vellum wraps, diecut card shapes, foil & ink colors. Our list is constantly being updated.

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Our Process

Follow the steps below to create your perfect invitation!

Step #1: Introduction

Your first step is to Book Your Free Bridal Consultation and fill out our new client questionnaire. We ask a bunch of questions and you should provide as much information as possible. But don't worry if you don't have all the answers just yet. At your consultation, we will discuss your project requirements, the style you are going for, any ideas you already have in mind and the best price range for your project.

Your Free Bridal Consultation can be a Phone Consultation, a Zoom Consultation, or an In-Person Consultation hosted at our New Jersey office and workshop!

Step #2: Education

Once you have set up Your Free Bridal Consultation and filled out our questionnaire, it's time for you to get yourself a little more informed about what we offer and what is possible. It is especially useful to review these resources prior to your Consultation so that you can develop an idea of what you like and express your desires to Your Design Concierge. 

The primary resources you should check out are our Design Portfolio, our Customization & Embellishment Options, the Stationery Designer's Kit, and the Education section of our website.

Step #3: Consultation

In this step of the process, you and your Design Concierge will discuss your design goals and needs, as well as your budget and style. Your Design Concierge will walk you through the process, provide useful information and helpful tips, and generally get to know you. You will have the opportunity to ask any questions you have, and present any ideas you have in mind.

We will brainstorm together and work through all of the details of your project until we have a concrete idea of the direction we are going to take with your project.

Step #4: Design

Now that your Design Concierge has an idea of what you want, as well as your budget, they will put together a first draft of your design.  They will also provide you with a quotation explaining the paper stocks, printing methods and any other embellishments included in your design. Our quotations are generally broken down into pieces, with a base price for a simpler design, and line item pricing for any additional options.

Your design and quotation will be adjusted as needed until you are completely satisfied with both the design and the price.

Step #5: Proofing

Our Design Team will compose the first proof of your design for you to review. Since the majority of your design has been planned out already, there may be little or nothing to change from this first proof. However, there of course may be some changes you want to make at this point and that is completely understandable. Just keep in mind that delays in design approval will push back the final delivery time.

We will work with you to refine your project until you are ecstatic about the final design!

Step #6: Production

All there is to do is wait for our team of artisans to do their magic. Production time, which was provided to you with your estimate, varies depending on the project. Rest assured knowing that every aspect of production and quality control is handled in-house, with your project manager keeping a watchful eye over every step to make sure that the final product is perfect.

Step #7: Delivery

Once your project is completed, it can be shipped to you directly or, if it is a piece that needs to be mailed, we can handle the packaging and bring the finished pieces directly to the post office for you to ensure that your invitations travel safely through the postal system. You have the option to mail the invitations yourself, and we also offer a mailing service, which may be useful for more complicated projects. If we handle the mailing, you will receive a package with finished sample invitations to serve as keepsakes in memory of your event.