Engraved Invitation Printing

What is engraved invitation printing?

Engraved invitation printing is the most traditional print process we offer. It produces an extremely sharp and pronounced raised image, perfect for fine detailed artwork. Engraved invitation printing can be done in matte inks, as well as metallic inks. There is nothing that says tradition like engraving.

Are you able to engrave my guests' addresses on my envelopes?

Unfortunately, we cannot engrave your guest addresses, but don’t fret! We can engrave your return address, and flat print your guest addresses in a matching color. Or we can forego engraving on your envelopes and just flat print the return address and the guest address, which will help you save.

Can I combine engraved invitation printing with any of your other printing processes?

Combining engraved invitation printing with other printing processes is an excellent way to make your engraved invitation suite stand out. One of the most common engraving combinations is engraving + letterpress. Engraving would generally be used for the main text and foil stamping would be use for accents and the more important information like monograms and/or the bride and groom’s names. Engraving can be combined with foil stamping in a similar fashion. Alternatively, your main invitation can be engraving along with flat printing, and the other pieces in your invitation suite can be done the same or they can be flat printed only which will help you save.

Do all the pieces in my engraved invitation suite need to be engraved?

Traditionally, this would be the case, but we like to keep with the times and we think it is totally optional. Engraving throughout the invitation suite makes it more cohesive and, of course, engraving is beautiful. However, it is not a necessity and one way to keep your project more economical is to engrave your invitation only and the other pieces in your invitation suite can be flat printed in a matching color, which will help you save.

I have an idea, but I don't see it on your website. Can it be done?

We do all of our work in-house, and we are always up for a new challenge. Let us know what you have in mind and we will use our resources to figure out how to achieve your vision.

How do I get started and get assigned a Design Concierge?

Book Your Complimentary Consultation to get started on your journey with your Design Concierge. Our staff is composed of artisans and designers who have been in the printing industry for generations. We don’t just speak printing. We live it. The representatives you speak to are not just customer service reps. They have worked side-by-side with our artisans, their tools and our machines, learning about our techniques and capabilities, and are generally knowledgeable about all facets of production. Think of them as translators between you and our artisans.