Edge Coloring & Finishing Options

Most of our printing, embellishing and edge coloring services may be combined with one another to great effect. Reach out to our Luxury Wedding Deals Design Concierge to discuss the details of your project and to figure out the best way to achieve your vision.

Just because something hasn’t been done before doesn’t mean it can’t be done!

What is Edge Coloring & Finishing?

When designing stationery, most people just think of the front of the card, the design and the printing processes being used. But for the stationery connoisseur, the edge of the card provides a whole new dimension and canvas that can bring your printed project to the next level. Whether you want to add subtly elegant charm or really wow your guests, edge coloring &  finishing can help get you there.

How can I incorporate Edge Coloring & Finishing while maintaining the simple elegance of my piece?

Sometimes, less is more, and all you want on the front of your printed pieces is simple and elegant text or a very basic design and layout. These types of designs are complemented extremely well by adding edge coloring & finishing, as it allows you to maintain the simple look you are going for, while also incorporating another style element, as well as possibly another color. Adding a simple gold, silver or rose gold beveled edge to engraved or foil stamped wedding invitation kicks it up a notch without being too ostentatious.

How can I use Edge Coloring & Finishing to enhance my statement piece even further and wow my guests?

Simplicity and elegance often go hand in hand, but there are times when you just want to go all out. Edge coloring takes it to the next level. Adding a bright, even neon, color to the edge of your cards is an option that will really make your cards pop. Gilding with an interesting colored or holographic foil is another option as well.

I have an idea, but I don't see it on your website. Can it be done?

Luxury Wedding Deals has a reputation for providing the absolute pinnacle of edge finishing services. We do all of our edge finishing (and everything else) in-house, and we are always up for a new challenge. Let us know what you have in mind and we will use our resources to figure out how to achieve your vision.

Guidance From Your Design Concierge

Book Your Complimentary Consultation to get started on your journey with your Design Concierge. Our staff is composed of artisans and designers who have been in the printing industry for generations. We don’t just speak printing. We live it. The representatives you speak to are not just customer service reps. They have worked side-by-side with our artisans, their tools and our machines, learning about our techniques and capabilities, and are generally knowledgeable about all facets of production. Think of them as translators between you and our artisans.

Blind embossed venue illustration on super thick burgundy edge painted invitations.

Edge Painting & Beveling

Edge Painting is the process of applying a colored ink to the edge of a card. Edge Painting is available in all of our ink colors, and color matching is available upon request. Edge Painting can also be done in metallic inks. Combine Edge Painting with beveled edges for even greater impact!

Edge Foil Gilding & Beveling

Edge Foil Gilding is the process of applying a metallic or glossy foil to the edge of a card. Edge Foil Gilding is available in all of our foil colors. Edge Foil Gilding may also be combined with beveled edges for even greater impact!

Thick clear acrylic wedding invitations foil stamped with rose gold foil and rose gold metallic edge foil gilding.

Acrylic Edge Foil Gilding

Luxury Wedding Deals does acrylic better than anyone else, and we are the only company in the industry that offers metallic edge foil gilding on acrylic. We can match the metallic foil edge color to the foil pressed color for perfect coordination. Acrylic gilding is available in all of our foil colors.